Thursday, March 25, 2010

Resort at Los Suenos (El Gran Sueno)

As there is many posts I skipped and in an effort to catch up a little I am combining the posts for our two trips to Los Suenos (formerly Muertos.) The first visit was our last stop on the way to La Paz just before Thanksgiving 2009. The second trip was the second week of February just before Carnival on our way to Mazatlan.

We went to visit Teddy at the resort again. This resort is a stunner! It looks like where the rich and famous come to play in a secluded tropical setting.

Far side of the grounds.

A little dark but this is the only photo I have of the "movie group." We dingied over to the beach to have lunch together and Teddy, being the nice guy that he is, had his staff set up the a movie for us.
Backside of the pool bar.

Robert and Kathy from Blue Dolphin were traveling with Steve from Ubuntu to Carnival while their boat was up on the hard in La Paz awaiting a bottom job.

Of course we had to get a little hammock time.

Jesse in his element waiting for the movie to start.

Robert and Kathy took the recliners in front leaving the 20 person sofa for Steve, Christine and Evan from Windward Star, and Jesse and I.
These giant "candles" are actually fountains with the water lit from beneath to resemble flame.

A shot of the full moon.

Not lighting but another shot of the full moon.

This is the sunset leaving Suenos after our second visit. (Had to throw it in). After this point are the photos from the first visit.

One of the "regulars" at the old Giggling Marlin restaurant, now 1535 restaurant.

She even brought her owner.

While we had lunch at 1535 we had a T.I.M. (This Is Mexico) moment when some of the tourists were naked and running through the dining room. :)

We had to stay awhile in Muertos (Suenos) awhile the first time because the boat bit my foot and I couldn't sail. We enjoyed every minute of our time there though!
The resort from the water.

Approaching the Clubhouse.

Teddy graciously invited us to use the pool, water slide, and he even provided the towels.

The inside of the clubhouse is amazing! I love train sets and Teddy hurried to turn them all on shortly after we met him.

Some new friends from Moondance and Proximity.


Friday, February 5, 2010

The Castle at Los Muertos (renamed Los Suenos)

A friend, Christine, and I hiked up to the famous castle of Los Suenos. It is a few months from being finished and is very impressive even in its unfinished state. Christine explained that she and a couple we know just walked up a few days prior and on through the property without any of the workers blinking. So she and I just confidently walked up as though we owned the place, smiled and said "Hola," a lot. So funny, out of 50 workers no one thought twice about us being there.
The courtyard.

Almost completed line of courtyard arches.

Leading into the main house. I was very impressed with the blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Not to mention the exciting blend of Renaissance, Moorish, and traditional Spanish architecture.

Many salons, bedrooms, and courtyards overlook the ocean for breathtaking views of the turquoise water.

The infinity pool is nearly finished with a full bar, fire place, and kitchen just behind.

Jesse's Girl is the middle boat in the harbor.

A sweeping view of the ocean side of the new property development.

I would someday like to meet the owner and say, "Nice to meet you and by the way I love your place in Los Suenos!" :)